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Buying a Static Caravan

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Top Tips for static caravan purchase and park selection.

Selecting the site :

  • Consider the annual ground rent / service charges.  These can vary from site to site.
  • Do caravan owners have any privileges at the caravan park you are considering.  Eg.  Free use of pools.  Discount in shops.  Caravan owners pubs and restaurants.  Usually these are facilities set up at the larger parks.
  • Similar to buying s home.  Don't forget the 3 L's - location, location, location.  When considering the site of your caravan park.
  • Local attractions, local facilities popularity of the area of your park should all be considered - especially if you are planning to rent your caravan as a holiday home as well as use it yourself. 
  • Where the caravan will be positioned on the site.  Agree this before and when you purchase the caravan.  Some caravan parks will have different ground rentals depending on position.  Watch for this.
  • Consider the age that the park owners insist your caravan must be before you purchase a new one. 
  • Some caravan parks don't allow statics that are older than 10 years.
  • Always be aware whilst you Own the caravan you don't own the plot that it is on and all the park rules should be checked before you purchase.  E.g., are dogs allowed / pet friendly site.

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Buying the caravan :

  • Check the cost of your electricity and gas.  Is it metered gas for example or a split cost across the site.  If you are a less frequent caravan user then metered gas may be better.
  • Will you be using your caravan in the colder winter months then you should consider the installation of double glazing and / or central heating.
  • Do not buy a static caravan to make money!! They do lose their value quickly.  The cost of purchase, lose of value and ground rental quickly out weighs any profit you think you may make!!
  • Consideration should be given into how many can sleep in the caravan.  A sofa bed in the sitting room can come in very useful. 
  • Consider to storage areas.  Esdpecially where you can put your private effects when you rent out your carava.  You donít want to be dragging everying home every time you rent.
  • If you purchase a large caravan 3 bedrooms and your family is large then you may want to consider an additional ensuite bathroom on the master bedroom.
  • Balcony / outside decking an / or paving should all be considered when you purchase your caravan and all add up to a better more comfortable caravan experience.

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