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Motorhomes for Sale in the UK

Trying to choose between a motorhome or caravan? We won't try to influence you, but consider:

A motorhome is pretty much get up and go.  No coupling, uncoupling, awkward reversing or worries about the pitch.  If you are the type of people who like to be able to just pick up and go, a motorhome is ideal.

A motorhome also needs no extra vehicle, unlike a caravan which will need a suitable towing vehicle, although once unhitched, the car is then easier to use as transport once you have arrived.

Motorhome are also particularly well catered for on the continent, so if you are planning some European travel, you should find a motorhome a good option.


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Selection of companies directly in the category of motorhomes

Lothian Motorhome Hire
Contact: Ellen Anderson 01875 820031

Abuzzy Motorhome Rentals
Contact: Roger 44 7726415142

Yorkshire Motorhome Hire Ltd
Contact: Darryl Pickering 01482 887 641 | 07791 561 142
 Yorkshire Motorhome Hire Ltd
Motorhome Hire, Campervan Hire and Luxury Motorhome Hire

Alan Kerr
Contact: Carly 01803 556 234

Red Bank Farm
Contact: Mark Archer 01524 823196 / 07912 123 553
 Red Bank Farm camping
Red Bank Farm & Campsite

Farnham Leisure Ltd
Contact: Paul Curtis 01728 602 858

GMC Redditch Ltd
Contact: Mark Grimley 01527 850 585 / 07718 992 028

Autocruise Ltd
Contact: Emma 01709 571 411

Carefree Motorhomes
Contact: Alvin Wiggins 01636 636362

Freeline Motorhomes
Contact: Richard Sanders 03303 330 083

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