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Top Ten Essential Caravan Supplies

Essential Caravanning Equipment and Supplies

   Top Ten Essential Caravan Supplies
Yes, we know, many of our readers are seasoned caravanners who remember the whole kit and caboodle for every trip, but for the beginner, there can be a bewildering array of equipment to remember; some of which is essential, and some of which will simply make life very much easier.  Those used to package holidays and static caravans may find that they are so used to having the barest basics on tap wherever they travel that a van holiday can be a shock to the system!

  • Towing mirrors: These are essential in every sense, for legal towing and to make life easy.  Well fitted, large and easy to use is best, and they are easy to forget, so store them in your caravan to ensure you always have them.
  • A caravan step: like mirrors, these will be best stored in the caravan so as not to leave them behind.
  • Wheel locks and security items: It simply isnít worth the risk to ignore these.  See your supplier about security products, and use them, even if you have all stopped for a quick bite at the services.  Make use of them, especially if you have packed all of your essentials, the loss of the caravan will be a catastrophe.
  • Bathroom Kit: Toilet tissue, soap and toothpaste.  Obvious, yes, but pack a proper kit, and avoid that sinking feeling of facing a cold morning and no paper.
  • Kitchen staples: teabags, coffee, milk, bread, tinned soup, chocolate.  Of course, you will not want to carry acres of food and will likely be able to stock up on arrival, but a hot cuppa, a bowl of soup or a mouthful of chocolate are sustaining, quick, welcoming and easy.  All of which, the chances are, will be very welcome on your trip.
  • Entertainment: If itís England, you may need indoor and outdoor activities.  The beauty of your caravan is that you can take most portable home comforts with you.  DVD player, games console, card games, tennis things, colouring materials for kids, books, your Kindle, whatever you think will enhance your holiday whatever the weather.
  •    Top Ten Essential Caravan Supplies
    Comforts: Towels, warm comfortable bedding, your favourite mug, slippers.  None of these need to be left behind with a caravan, and will ensure you are clean, rested and comfortable wherever you stay, whatever the weather.
  • Tool Kit: Hopefully you wonít need to make any emergency repairs, but just in case, a small tool kit will prepare you for any minor difficulties you may have on your way.
  • Fire Extinguisher.
  • First Aid kit: A fairly basic first aid kit will suffice, but it is a good idea to kit your caravan out with a well stocked box of medical items and check it for replenishment before each trip.  At the minimum, include: Plasters, Pain relief Ė adult and child, Sterile gauze dressing, Scissors, Sterile eye dressing, Tweezers, Sterile gloves, Safety pins, Thermometer, Antihistamine, Antiseptic, Bite spray

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